Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who Didn't See This Coming?? Bad Omen for Dion...

So why would Belinda decide to step out of politics? Well wouldn't you if you were an auto-parts heiress and knew you were destined to be an opposition flunky for the foreseeable future and through the next election cycle?

I suspect Belinda, with her own financial resources, surveyed the ground and realized that the odds are quite long against her Liberal party friends and especially Dion in trying to win over the trust of Canadians.

Here's some of the baloney on display from her announcement..
"My father is looking to the future, the company is facing important strategic decisions, and the Canadian and global auto sector and economy is in a period of great challenge. So I am stepping aside from elected politics for the time being and will now take part in public life in a different way."

'take part in public life in a different way.' - What's that supposed to mean? Being an executive of a company - public or private - doesn't mean you're in any way serving the public or taking part in 'public life'. You're a private citizen outside of Parliament!

Anyways, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Here she would have had the opportunity under Stephen Harper to be a minister, a real minister, in government for longer than the few months she spent keeping the HR ministry chair warm in Paul Martin's government, but she decided to take the politically expedient route and now she's done. Like dinner...

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