Thursday, April 12, 2007

Canadian Soldiers Martyred

Those aren't the words that you are going to hear from anyone in the military or in the media. But I can assure you that if those soldiers were Sikhs that the Sikh community would declare them Shaheeds or Martyrs.

It was reported in the media that Col. Mike Cessford said the following,

"All soldiers are thinking of these families," said Cessford, looking sombre during a late-night briefing at Kandahar Airfield.

"I wish to express our deepest sympathies and condolences for this loss. It is hard to put into words what they must be feeling in this time of sorrow."
I find it interesting that the media and the military focus in on the loss of these fine people. They don't seem to focus in on what they died for, or what their motivations were in going to war to fight for their country. Why not talk about or use words or phrases like, "Hero", "Martyr for Freedom", "Fighting for God and Country", or how about "Honour", "Brave", and "Warrior"?? Why speak of 'sadness and loss' and not 'pride and honour'?

I think that when someone gives their life for Canada we shouldn't mourn their loss, but rather express our gratitude for their actions and honour them not with tears but by shouting their names as heroes.

Maybe that's just a cultural difference. Sikhs have a history of honouring our Martyrs and celebrating our warriors and holding them up to be emulated as fighting for truth, justice, freedom, and our religious principles.

Sikh martyrs are seen as bringing sunshine and glory to the nation. We don't cry or express sadness over their sacrifice, but joy that we as a nation have the resolve to breed the warrior spirit to match and exceed that of any adversary. Our war dead bring greatness to us all and encourage the next generation to be ready in time of need. Complacency can kill that spirit if it isn't nurtured. Just look at what's happened to Europeans in the last 50 years or so...

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