Friday, April 13, 2007

'Proud To Be A Sikh' - But Clueless on What That Actually Means...

You have to wonder what goes through the heads of some people. Take this person Mandira Bedi for example, I really have no clue who she is, but apparently in India people know her from television. She goes and gets the Ek Onkar symbol tatooed on the back of her neck and then proceeds to wear revealing clothes.

Who doesn't know that many people will find that offensive, displaying a religious symbol as some sort of fashion accessory to satisfy your own desire to be 'cool'. In fact, someone would really have to be mentally vacuous to not realize that, while living in a country like India. I've been to India many times and have met many people from Indian cities like Mumbai, and quite frankly, many people in the cities of India or urban areas of India live in a dream world. For the most part, city dwellers have no clue or deliberately feign not having a clue as to the mindset of rural India, which ,by the way, represents over 80% of the population... at a minimum.

This Mandira Bedi, from what I've read, reminds me of these clueless individuals who seem to think they can do and say whatever they want as they buy into this figment/ illusion that somehow non-urban India doesn't exist and that the opinions of those people are irrelevant. Not so in India. or in Canada for that matter. It really is a struggle of traditional or conservative cultural values and principles against a 'liberal' do-whatever-you-want culture.

Some people will argue that other people wear an oversized Khanda on a necklace and aren't cautioned for doing so, but ask yourself if that is really the same as getting a tatoo and having to dress 'immodestly' in order to show it off? No one is saying don't wear whatever you want, just don't do so to turn a religious symbol into your personal showpiece or talking point.

On a separate note. The interviewer in the article points out that Mandira seems 'to have gained weight'. Now what kind of joker makes a point like that? Who cares if she's put on weight? Some people are just too rude. Mandira should have given Roshini K Olivera a 'gichi' slap for being such an idiot.
[Roshini K Olivera] You seem to have gained weight....
[Mandira Bedi] Well, the weighing scale doesn't show it! I think it's perhaps the sofa I'm sitting on. It's not the most flattering position for me or my clothes.

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