Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jew Hatred is a Cancer, That Needs to be Eradicated

I never really realized the amount of Jew hatred out there until I began reading in the paper about the grave desecrations, and the targeting of Jewish schools and homes that have taken place in Canada. It seems that there is more and more of this kind of hate being acted upon. I don't have any proof of that, I just may be noticing it more these days...

Here's an example...
A Richmond, B.C., synagogue was defaced with anti- Semitic graffiti on Sunday while the Jewish community across Canada was marking Holocaust Remembrance Day. Police are investigating the attack at the Beth Tikvah Synagogue. The graffiti included a picture of a hanging man, with the word Jew written over it, as well as swastikas and anti-Jewish profanity. It was the second time in recent months that Richmond RCMP have been called to investigate anti-Semitic vandalism. On Nov. 20 the Richmond medical office of Dr. Lionel Tenby was defaced with swastikas and other Nazi symbols. Dr. Tenby, who lost dozens of his relatives in the Holocaust, wondered yesterday if the latest incident is linked to the attack on his office, which he called "very distressing."

It doesn't take much imagination to figure out where these two miscreants learned their Jew-hating ways. .. The rest of us should take this as a lesson. Just because people are born in Canada, doesn't mean that they identify with the values of Canada ie: Freedom of religion... We need to re-examine how we educate people in this country!
MONTREAL - Two men charged in connection with a raft of attacks on Montreal's Jewish community -- including an explosion this month at the Snowdon Y and a school last September -- appeared briefly in court yesterday.

Omar Bulphred, 21, and Azim Ibragimov, 23, both of Montreal, each face nine charges stemming from events that began last fall.

The two men were both denied bail, and the case is due back in court on Monday.

The men's defence lawyer, Alexandre Bergevin, said police used wiretaps to close in on his clients.

"Other than that, I have very little information about the evidence," Mr. Bergevin said in an interview.

"I wasn't even allowed to meet with them at the courthouse, so won't see them until sometime over the weekend."

Jeffrey Boro, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said he was told by police that the two accused are Muslims of Russian descent, who were born in Canada.

"That makes it very disconcerting for those who live here," he said.

"We're raising people here with such hatred in their hearts for people that they've never met or had anything to do with."

He said police had informed the CJC that they had found material during the investigation that suggested the crimes were motivated by hate toward Jewish people.

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