Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Over Taxed?? Is there any doubt???

The NDP and Liberals can bleat on and on about the war in Afghanistan and the environment, but I have read nary a word taxes consuming the lives of average Canadians...
Taxes are taking a bigger chunk out of the average Canadian income than food, clothing and housing combined, a new survey suggests.

The Fraser Institute says the Canadian Consumer Tax Index is up since 1961. The average family earned $63,000 in 2006, with nearly 45 per cent going to taxes. Just over 35 per cent went for food, clothing and housing. In 1961, the institute says, taxes took 33.5 per cent.

Their index includes direct taxes such as income tax, sales tax, Employment Insurance and payments to the Canada Pension Plan (which hadn't begun in 1961), as well as hidden taxes, such as import duties.

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