Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Further Evidence of Pakistan's Demise

Over at the Fourth Rail, Bill Roggio, discusses the further Talibanisation of Pakistan. Here's an excerpt,
The Northwest Frontier province is rapidly switching from Taliban influenced (yellow on the map) to outright Taliban controlled (red). The recent fighting in Tank, where the government has called in the army after the Baitullah Mehsud's Taliban openly attacked the town, highlights just how badly the government has lost control in the settled districts in the NWFP.
This is bad news for Pakistan, but more importantly for any minority Muslim sects (ie: non-Taliban, such as, Shiites of all stripes, and Qadianis), and especially for non-Muslims such as Sikhs. We should all know the barbarity of the Taliban in the name of Islam, not just from the Afghanistan experience but from the historical perspective from the time of Babar to Aurangzeb in Punjab. In particular, we should remain aware and see the events in light of the offences committed against Sikhs and the Sikh Gurus by these types of Traditionalist Islamists.

General Musharaff hasn't appeared any weaker since he took over Pakistan. If he had done the right thing and 'put the boots' to these folks when he took over the country he wouldn't have had to have been beholden to them when he should have been exterminating them. His lack of action against corruption and the endemic corrupt culture of Pakistan (which permeates throughout South Asia generally) is his downfall, as a real crackdown would have provided him the space and support of the general Pakistani public and in particular the Punjabis in dealing with the largely Pathan Islamists/ Taliban. The mullahs, qazis, and imams would have known then that their perfidy and outright hostility to the settled classes of Pakistani civil society wouldn't be tolerated.

Now it seems that its only a matter of time before Pakistan itself implodes into civil anarchy/ war OR is taken over/ put into the hands of these 'foaming at the mouth' fundo types and causing the USA to intervene and kick their asses! (as it were).

What would be interesting is to see the Afghan army supported by the USA and Nato, in fact, intervene and regain all of the traditional Afghan territory which is currently included in Pakistan as a result of the Sikh army under Maharaja Ranjit Singh taking it from the Pathans back in the day of the Khalsa Raj. All of NWFP, the tribal lands, etc... were included in Pakistan as a result of the British taking control of the lands already conquered and under the control of the Khalsa Raj. The Khalsa fought two wars with the British Raj before the annexation of those territories to British India.

Having the Afghans in control would really make the Punjabi Muslims chafe, and may in fact provide opportunity for the Sikhs to regain control of their historical religious places.

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Anonymous said...

Pakistan Governing body is on firm footed on Islam Taliban and having nuclear weaponary at hand.But sure history is a part of it and others