Wednesday, April 18, 2007

State of Canada's Justice System...

And you wonder why people have lost faith in Canada's justice system...
Toronto and Durham Region police have issued a public safety alert after a mental health inmate responsible for sex attacks on two young girls has gone missing.

Mylvaganam Vaasuhan, 31, was among a group of four patients and two staff supervisors from the Whitby Mental Health Centre on an escorted outing to the Rogers Centre on Tuesday night.

Police said at some point during the Blue Jays game, Vaasuhan said he had to get something and walked away. He was last seen outside the stadium.

Vaasuhan wasn't reported missing to police until the group returned to the health facility after the game. Officials there have not returned calls to CTV News as to why the offender was allowed on the outing.

Vaasuhan was found not criminally responsible in 2001 for sexual attacks on two young girls.

He does not have his medication, which he uses to control his schizophrenia, paranoia and sex urges.

Police are concerned for the public's safety and warn young girls could be at risk.

Can't mental health professionals count past three without double counting??!!

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