Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Should Canada Handle Terrorists in Afghanistan?

There's a debate going on about handing over captured Taliban and terrorists in Afghanistan to Afghan authorities. I don't understand why Canada is being asked by some quarters to apply Canadian law to Afghan nationals in Afghanistan? Basically, people want Canada to violate Afghan sovereignty and the Mandate under which Canada effectively entered Afghanistan and Canada's commitments under that mandate...

Canada has agreed to work with Afghanistan's government to provide security and military assistance to the Afghan's in securing THEIR country. The people who fight Canada there do so because they want to destroy Afghanistan's government. Its in the interest of Afghans to interrogate those people and to provide whatever justice they deem appropriate. Canadians should understand Afghanistan's need for self-preservation, after all it's their country, not ours.Why is the G n' M asking Canadians to mollycoddle our enemies? No one knows if anyone Canada has handed over has been tortured, the Globe's article spoke of interviewing the detainees themselves. Anyone who has read anything knows that Al-Qaeda and Islamo-Terrorists have been trained to claim torture any and every time they've been detained.

The Liberals stand on bringing our enemies to Canada is absolutely absurd and in fact dangerous. Who in their right mind wants to bring our sworn enemies to the comforts of Canada?

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