Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Racial Violence and Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

Can it happen here in Canada??? It's happening in the USA already. It was probably only a matter of time. Blacks and Hispanics are engaging in ethnic cleansing in California, in particular, the city of Los Angeles.

I found out about it at Gates of Vienna and followed it up by reading the two linked articles.

Here's an excerpt from the LA Times:

The headlines are among the most stark documenting gang violence. A Latino gang member, without saying a word, guns down a 14-year-old black girl standing on a sidewalk. A black gang member shoots a Latino toddler point-blank in the chest.

For the most part, though, the role racial animosity has played in gang crime has gone unexamined, largely undocumented in crime statistics and often tamped down by politicians and law enforcement officials anxious about inflaming tensions.
Here's an excerpt from The Guardian in the UK:

A bloody conflict between Hispanic and black gangs is spreading across Los Angeles. Hundreds are dying as whole districts face the threat of ethnic cleansing.

Only in LA and only in California.... If you think about all the fads and trends that California has exported out around the USA and the world, would it surprise you if this turned out to be another one?! Albeit, one that is crazy as 'hell'! It is insane that ethnic cleansing can occur in the US or any westernized country. But in these times, when people have a tough time calling a spade a spade, maybe this is just another sign of the demise of civil society?? Perhaps, but I don't think so. It's a sign of something, I'm just not sure what. Perhaps its as simple as being that a society built from unhindered illegal immigration and fatherless families is going to be chaotic and anarchistic, if not suffering from various resulting maladies, one of which is gang formation and tribal urban warfare.

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