Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Value of Muslim Women

Here something that I just came across over at Gates of Vienna that Dymphna wrote a few months back. Here's the excerpt...
What gives with Western feminism? Families of Muslim women rape, torture, behead, crucify, and hang them in public squares - all because they have committted the truly mortal sin of being female - yet the silence here on the behalf of these victims is deafening. Compared to the suffering of their Islamic sisters, the indignant chatter about 'oppression' emanating from women in the West is obscene.

Personally, from all that I've read it doesn't seem out of line with what Muslims, for the most part Sunnis of a Wahabbi/ Salafist strain, would deem in line with either Islamic or Islamocultural practice for women. Western women generally, and feminists and feminazis in particular, should come to terms with this type of behaviour towards women in the third world/ middle east/ asia and instead of bleating on in hyperbole about mistreatment of women in the West do something to help alleviate the suffering of women in those countries.

The situation for many Muslim women in the West isn't much different, and I've posted about it in the past. Keep an eye on the news on those small headlines and little snippets and you are surely going to find these types of crimes being committed in the West on an increasing scale. Check out the link here to read the whole post at Gates of Vienna and judge for yourself...
Read it all here...

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