Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sikh University in Pakistan?

Sounds interesting, I'll believe it when I see it though... For Pakistan, why not try and get more tourism and engage with a community in different ways such as this to try and expose Pakistanis to non-Jihadi cultures and religion. Sikhs have a vested interest in Pakistan as a result of it being part of the Sikhs' homeland and birthplace of Sikhism and the Khalsa.

While Anandpur Sahib is the place where the Khalsa was first introduced, some of the most important historical and religious sites of the Sikhs are in what is now Pakistan.

Here's an excerpt from the news item...
The international Guru Nanak University being planned at Nankana Sahib would have the best architecture, curricula and research centre on Sikh religion and culture, Chairman of Pakistan's Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), Gen (Retd) Zulfikar Ali Khan, said.

Besides, it would have a comparative study centre on Sikhism, other religions and various languages of both sides of Punjab, he said at Gurudwara Punjab Sahib Hassanabdal.

For finalising the design of the university, syllabus, faculty, visiting faculty and other important issues, ETPB would organise an international conference of Sikh intellectuals in June.

"We will invite people from America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and India to attend the conference," state-run APP quoted Khan as saying. "With the consultation of these Sikh scholars we would finalise the outline of the University."

Also, Ali said three hotels each at Lahore, Hassanabdal and Nankana Sahib are being planned to be built for the Sikh pilgrims.

He said the sites for the hotels and the university have been identified and the authorities have got possession of 300 acres of land at Nankana Sahib.

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Anonymous said...

Why not a Sikh University in United States? We have so many rich sikhs living in The US; can't they contribute their money for a good cause like this?