Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Problem with Coco's Audience vs. Leno's Audience

Coco's audience doesn't watch the show in its time slot. If you read the comments section in the ongoing Conan vs. Leno saga, you'll notice that a lot of people watch his show on youtube, hulu, dvr, etc... whereas, Leno's audience actually watches the show in his timeslot. The issue for NBC is that its affiliates who broadcast local news need viewers to watch the local News in its timeslot to get advertising dollars. Why would any station want to be an NBC affiliate if NBC can't deliver viewers? Its not about whether Conan is better than Leno, it's who can deliver viewers to the local news broadcast. History shows that when Leno was on the Tonite Show, the affiliates got what they wanted, viewers. Leno was also helped by the fact he had good drama programming to lead into the News and then to his show. People just kept the channel in place and watched all the way through. With Conan, all he has is Leno to lead people into the news, but that's not really having the same effect, which has lead to this whole issue.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hindu Canadian in Attempted Honour Killing

I'm pointing this story out as more often than not whenever some other Indian group is mentioned the MSM who broke the story always includes the religion of the person. Here its not mentioned and I have to wonder why? From the names of the people involved it seems obvious to me that they are Hindu. Often whenever I read stories from Indian news sites about 'pardesi lok' they also mention the religion of the person unless the person is Hindu. My point is that if you mention the religion of one person, you should mention the religion for every person in your stories.

Here's and excerpt from the story in,

"An Alliston father who viciously attacked his 14-year-old daughter as she lay sleeping in her bed pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to prison yesterday.

Kamal Khanna, 46, a banker who moved to Canada from India in 1982, was sentenced to 52 months in prison on top of time he has already served since his arrest two years ago.

His daughter, Ashna Khanna, awoke to find her father standing over her bed, stabbing and punching her on March 4, 2008. She fled to her sister's room but Khanna continued to punch and stab her in the face, head, chest and abdomen in front of her 10-year-old sister.


Ashna pretended to lay unconscious until her father finally left to change his bloodied clothes. He later told police he intended to kill her because she was often disrespectful and that he had been under a lot of stress.

Court heard Khanna suffered from schizophrenia and often refused to take his medication, but Justice Michelle Fuerst found "such an illness does not excuse one from criminal responsibility."

In her victim impact statement to the court, the girl's mother, Sangeeta, said she will never forget being at work when her youngest daughter called, screaming "Daddy is killing Ashna!"

Ashna was rushed to Sunnybrook hospital and underwent hours of surgery to her head, lungs and kidneys.

In her victim impact statement to the court, the young girl, now 16, said she has flashbacks of the horror each time she looks in the mirror at the scars covering her body."