Friday, April 20, 2007

Muslims ONLY Pray on Behalf of Muslims

From Fitzgerald over at Dhimmi Watch, I found the following excerpt below, in light of the murders at Virginia Tech.  One should take the lesson that not everyone prays for, "Sarbat Da Bhalla", which is a uniquely Sikh concept.  As Sikhs we pray for the prosperity and souls of all people regardless of their religion.  Within Islam, it is un-Islamic to pray for anyone who is NOT a muslim. Remember that next time you come across an Imam or Mullah in the news...
Here's an excerpt...
in Islam, there is a complete division of the world between Believer and Infidel. Until someone is following "the right path," he has no claim to sympathy or loyalty of any kind. That is owed by Believers only to Believers. There is nothing of the human fellow-feeling that has developed in all other religions, so that one can certainly sympathize with, and help protect, others not of the same faith -- see Liviu Librescu, holding the door against the gunman with his body, so his students could escape.

In Islam, loyalty -- one's sole loyalty -- is owed to fellow members of the umma al-islamiyya. One does not owe, one is wrong even to think about owing, any true loyalty to Infidels or to an Infidel nation-state. One can go through some motions, when it may be deemed advisable in order to protect and promote Muslim interests -- but a good Muslim will never offer even such an outward display save to prevent too much inquiry by Infidels about the doctrines of Islam in a society still run by Infidels.


Anonymous said...

nanak nam chardi kala thara baan sarbat tha bhalla

thank god i am sikh

we pray for all sikh non sikh rich poor black non black good not so good

Anonymous said...

right on brother/ sister