Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Now's Not The Time To Show Weakness!

In a war, making statements or acting in such a way that give your enemies courage or hope is the worst thing you can do. When in the span of a week Canada suffered a number of casualties due to IED weapons and terrorist acts by the Taliban, it's the wrong time to begin questioning our commitment to the war.

Questioning the war after suffering casualties only provides succor to the enemy to continue to kill your people as it may eventually wear you down. In the face of casualties, our collective voice should be to exclaim with more force that we don't back down and that harming our soldiers only makes us want to extinguish our enemies even more.

Here's an excerpt from the Globe that highlights the political expediency of the opposition in parliament,

The federal Conservatives are escalating the conflict in Afghanistan with the purchase of 120 tanks, and harbouring plans to extend the mission beyond 2009, opposition members charged yesterday.

After a two-week parliamentary hiatus that saw eight Canadian soldiers lose their lives in the war-torn country, Liberal, Bloc Québécois and New Democrat MPs returned to Ottawa to accuse the government of sending conflicting messages about the duration of Canada's involvement in the NATO-led deployment.

"Given the indication from the Minister of Defence that we could be engaged for as long as 15 years, given the purchase or leasing of expenditure on major military purchases for this kind of warfare, we think Canadians are owed answers to a whole series of questions about how deep and how long this engagement is going to be, about the nature of the mission, and to face directly the fact that it's not working the way it's being conducted at the moment," NDP Leader Jack Layton told reporters.

What exactly does "Taliban Jack" Layton think we should tell the Taliban? That we want to negotiate terms? He's a rank opportunist and should be ashamed of himself, pandering to the weak-kneed amongst us, instead of saying clearly that we will stay until we win. Winning means a)beating the enemy down enough that the Afghan government through its trained soldiers/ military can successfully keep the enemy down on its own or b) the enemy is beaten down enough to accept terms favourable to the Afghan government and the Allies with the knowledge that they will be eliminated completely if they violate the terms of their surrender.

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