Tuesday, April 03, 2007

British Sailors Rights Violation

I read a quote/ excerpt on Small Dead Animals, about what John Derbyshire wrote at National English Review.  I'm not sure if Kate at SDA is agreeing with John or not, but if she is then I'd have to say I disagree with them both.

Here's the excerpt that Kate posted on SDA,

John Derbyshire;

“15 British Agressors [sic] must be EXECUTED.” That was the placard being held up by some beetle-browed Iranian outside the British Embassy in Tehran. Well, I don’t entirely disagree. I certainly think that those British captives who have let themselves be put forward on Iranian TV, that woman wearing a headscarf, and the young man apologizing to the Iranian gangster-rulers, should be court-martialed for dereliction of duty when they get back to Blighty, with shooting definitely an option.

How on earth can Britons behave like that? A previous generation would not have done so. I knew the women of my mother’s generation pretty well (Mum was born in 1912), and I am certain that any one of them, given that headscarf and told to put it on, would have said: “You can hang me with it if you like, but I’ll be damned if I’ll wear the filthy thing.”

Quite frankly, even if you yourself would like to tell the Iranians to "fuck off", or more specifically, the Iranian government and its minions, doing so when they are shooting a video of you, while they have your comrades off camera with a gun to their heads, is probably not a good idea. 

I say this because of a couple of interviews I've seen on Fox News, yes I'm happy to say I watch Fox News, with former hostages of the Iranian regime or its puppet organizations. The former hostages on Hannity and Colmes, I believe, or maybe it was The Factor, basically said that they threaten to shoot your comrade if you screw up on tape. Now, its fine to basically put yourself at risk by telling them to 'sod off' but it's something different entirely to do so when you might sign the death warrant of a friend. 

If you all have the same resolve then its not as difficult, but who knows what else they've threatened the sailors with? One of the former hostages spoke about how the Iranians threatened to kill his family in the U.S. and proceeded to tell him about his child, etc... and where they live and go to school...

So, I'm all for telling them to 'screw off', but it's not quite as easy as John Derbyshire makes it out to be...

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