Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Left Wing Nutjobs? or Mainstream Leftists?

News & Opinion : Assassinate Stephen Harper? Canadian blogger (and would-be priest) learns his limits

Seems this guy considers himself to be sane and not so far left as to be considered outside the centre of the political spectrum. Maybe this guy is typical of the left wing in Canada. Personally, I think this guy should be arrested and charged with uttering death threats against the PM. In a democracy, like Canada, you don't whack the guy who gets into power just because your guy lost. It seems folks on the right act decently whereas lefties give vent to their intolerance by exposing their hatefulness and true colours. The idea that lefties have an "open" mind is exposed by people like this as being the lie that it is, in fact it is folks on the right who learn to live with the antics of the left without resorting to death threats and try to at least discuss the issues in a civilized manner.

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