Thursday, March 22, 2007

Check Out What Halal Really Means

I saw a link to this crazy video on a blog I read... This is NOT for the faint of heart, it is barbaric. If you see the word Halal, this is what it means ...

or this...

There are bunch of videos like this on YouTube and GoogleVideo, etc..., the bottom line is the animal is still ALIVE as they SLOWLY cut at its neck or chop off its tail, or whatever it is that they are doing while praying to their God doing this animal sacrifice.

Halal meat is essentially the result of an animal sacrifice in the cruelest manner.

Slaughterhouses in Canada and the USA have to follow laws and regulations in order to be humane towards the animal during slaughter so that it doesn't feel the pain. Those slaughterhouse operators that don't follow the law should be punished as that kind of activity is NOT sanctioned by society. The animal sacrifice in the videos I linked to shows full acceptance and sanction of the CRUEL method of slaughter while the animal is alive and no doubt SUFFERING a SLOW and PAINFUL death.

Those imams, maulvis, etc... who kill these animals while chanting prayers are fully SANCTIONED by their religion and followers.

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