Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Child Killers Should Get The Death Penalty

I just read a story that highlights the height of human stupidity. It also highlights the complete lack of Sikh religious education in Punjab. It is against Sikh religion to commit infanticide in any form.

Here's an excerpt...
Rajinder Singh, accused of strangulating
his 11-year-old son Arshpreet to death inside Dalima Vihar Gurdwara in
the wee hours of March 23, allegedly "sacrified" his son to cure his
ailing wife.
Don't believe for a second his wife didn't know about it either... Are people so stupid that they can actually believe that someone, anyone on this planet can be saved by murdering someone else?? This story just goes to show how superstitious, ignorant and gullible people in India really are, not to mentioned depraved - killing your own child ranks right up there as the worst crime anyone can commit against God and man.

Read the whole story here.

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