Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here's what Public Healthcare Will Get You...

Angry kin of C. difficile victims blame dirty hospitals

People who are so dogmatic and fundamentalist about defending public healthcare need to give their head a shake. With the lack of accountability in the public system, you can see the results with over 2000 people dying in Quebec alone from a lack of hygiene in hospitals by the medical/ cleaning/ support staff. 2000 dead since 2003, in ONE province, in CANADA. Counting 2003, that's 500 dead per year!!

People are clamoring for a withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan over the deaths of less than a hundred troops, yet are silent about the SENSELESS killing of Canadians in hospitals!! So much for the legacy of Tommy Douglas. The troops at least died defending the freedom and liberty of Canadians as part of their CHOSEN occupation, and have become Canadian heroes and martyrs for freedom as a result. What of the hundreds and thousands who've died across Canada in our medical system, due to a lack of hygiene and cleanliness? Are they just a statistic, or will the public realize that either a private or public/ private mixed system would be better than what we've got now??

When doctors and nurses are part of the problem, like they are in Canada, it makes you wonder about the whole system. Maybe having a few solid penalties awarded against them ala the US system would stiffen the workplace hygiene regimen. You'd only get that though in a private system, in the public system you get the "complaints" process or a coroner's inquest if you're lucky.

Personally I'd like to see the Singaporean model, with medical savings accounts and insurance policies paying for health services. Tax sheltered investments to provide basic care and catastrophe insurance to provide for major or catastrophic disease related healthcare costs. Private employers and the government could bolster the ability for all citizens to gain coverage. I'm no expert, but having been there, I'd much prefer the Singaporean model to what we have in Canada.

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