Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Insane Chinese Public Safety System

You remember the story that was out there about the cats dying as a result of contaminated ingredients from China?? Namely wheat gluten??

Well it seems that not all is well in the Middle Kingdom according to Steve Janke at Angry's blog when compared to the system we have in Canada...

here's an excerpt...

Given this attitude towards managing dangerous substances, the focus on profits, and the lack of oversight, it might be that Chinese authorities might have trouble figuring out what just what was being used as a rat poison.

Makes you wonder about just how safe any food import is from China.

Funny, isn't it. One cow in Alberta is diagnosed with Mad Cow, a disease that still puzzles scientists as to the cause and how it is spread, and the entire industry shuts down as no one is willing to import as much as a hamburger patty from Canada. And the only reason the case was discovered was because Canada has robust inspection system managed by people who put the public good over the financial interests of any sector of the economy. I wonder what the reaction will be if it is conclusively determined that this Chinese wheat shipment was poisoned by the deliberate act of officials spraying some kind of mystery rat poison directly on the food.

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