Thursday, March 29, 2007

Daycare Raised Children MORE Disruptive- NYT Article

For all of you who put your kids into a daycare, pay attention to the excerpt from the post linked below at Angry's blog.
So a high-priced private facility or an expensive universal system --
it doesn't matter. Children raised by parents or close relatives fare
better, on average, than children raised in non-familial group settings.
Read the whole thing here...

This study is fairly damning of daycares regardless of the quality of the daycare. It just goes to show that a parent's or grandparents' love goes a long way. Perhaps the child is more stable emotionally as a result of family being there consistently to provide care, nurturing and discipline? Makes you wonder what it is about left wing ideologues and their insistence on big social programs, such as the former governing Liberals daycare plan??

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