Thursday, March 29, 2007

Canada's Covenant with the Provinces

I just read a piece over at Jack's Newswatch which actually speaks to Canada's history and the covenant which created the country between Upper and Lower Canada and the Feds...
Here's an excerpt...
At the time of the “original deal” the federal government had no taxing
power. If the federal government needed a few bucks, “Upper and Lower
Canada” would kick in to help out. All that changed with the advent of
the First World War and a federal goverment hamstrung by war
costs begged for a “temporary federal tax”. It was allowed and that
tax (without a word to the general public) became permanent.
Read it all here...

I say we go back to that covenant and keep those things federal in the hands of the feds and those things provincial in the hands of the provinces. We'll be better off as a country if we can get the provinces responsible for their own economic well being while letting the feds deal with the foreign policy, defence and related matters.

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