Wednesday, July 25, 2007

UK Readers, Check This Guy Out

I'm not getting paid to write this, but if you're looking for something to do check out Marc Salem at Tricycle Theatre.
Marc Salem's annual spell in London is always an exciting treat. He arrives at the Tricycle, does some astonishing 'mindreading' tricks, sometimes hurts himself (last time he stabbed himself through the hand with a knife by mistake - but hey ho), and then toddles off leaving everyone slightly stunned.

The cool thing about this portly New Yorker is that he's not as showy as the likes of Derren Brown - there's no faux gravitas, no hi-tech wizardry in his show. And he insists all of his tricks are based on science not magic - anyone, he reckons, could do what he does with the right training. But Salem is an expert at deciphering non-verbal communication - and he's tough to outwit.

This show is a pick'n'mix of best bits of previous years, and some new stuff, which will change each night. At his worst, he'll have the odd awkward moment when a trick is a bit complicated to follow, or when the reveal lacks a little pizzazz.

But when Salem keeps things simple, the results are breathtaking: tricks such as figuring out where individual audience members went on holiday, working out when they're lying and, an old faithful, reading a serial number off a currency note while blindfolded, are all ones he'd be mad to drop from his repertoire.

Add to that his wisecracking and engaging banter, and it's all mind-bogglingly good fun. But then, he probably knew we'd say that.

Until Jul 29, Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road NW6, Tue to Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm, Sun mats 3pm, £13 to £18, £11 to £13 concs.
Tel: 020 7328 1000. Tube: Kilburn

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