Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Loving Adoring Children? or Hard-Core Jihadist Muslim?

Either the parents of Islamo muslim terrorists are ignorant as to their children's true emotive forces, or they are dissembling. It seems that the parents of these people are invariably quoted as being something other than that which they are charged.

If the results of the investigation and resulting case in the UK goes against the muslim doctor and finds him to be guilty of being a terrorist mastermind, then you have to wonder which of the above was true for the parent who was quoted in the news. What does it actually mean when the parent describes the son as being a 'good' muslim?

Are these the actions we, as in non-muslims, can expect from 'good' muslims in our communities?

Can we truly trust muslims, generally speaking, considering that terrorists have come from a wide spectrum of educational and economic backgrounds and there doesn't seem to be ANY discernible co-ordinated response from muslims to root these people out from their midst?

It would be one thing if some muslims were fighting for independence in their country of origin as a result of human rights grievances, or oppression, it's quite another when they are attacking the countries which have allowed them in and provided them with freedom and opportunity. Why emigrate to countries whose national status you do not even recognize? or you consider to be part of a so-called Dar-Al-Harb (House of War).
In Amman, Jordan, the father of Asha described his son as a good Muslim, not a fanatic, and expressed incredulity that he could be involved in an al Qaeda-style bomb plot.

"I am sure Mohammed does not have any links of this nature because his history in Jordan and since he was a kid does not include any kind of activity of this nature," he said.

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