Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bhopal II? Chemical Plant Finds Deliberately Hidden DEFECTIVE Parts From China

Would you want a Bhopal type of incident in your city? Tens of thousands died in that disaster in India. Don't think it can't happen in your western country, not with Chinese suppliers lying and defrauding their customers.

One blogger in particular has been consistently on top of all the fraudulent, counterfeit and dangers emanating from China, Steve Janke. Here's another excerpt from a posted article from Steve Janke, at Angry,
I have a report from Shell Chemical detailing a shocking problem discovered in Holland. Chinese-made piping for a major chemical plant was discovered to have been deliberately reworked to hide serious flaws that engineers believe could have resulted in disastrous consequences...

Shell, the Dutch petrochemical giant, is currently constructing a world-scale styrene monomer/propylene oxide plant at Moerdijk, The Netherlands, known as MSPO-2.

Don't worry if you didn't know that.

Like any major industrical chemical operation, huge pipes will move massive volumes of potentially lethal chemicals from point to point in the processing. These pipes can't fail, or else people die.

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