Friday, July 27, 2007

Anyone Wonder Why People Hate Politicians? Not When They Do Stuff Like This...

The Auditor-General in Ontario released a report outlining how $32 million dollars was handed out to ethnic/ cultural groups without any discernible process, follow up or due diligence being conducted. In fact, the report mentions that much of what went on was based on a verbal discussion with the minister involved. It's no wonder that people born and raised in Canada would start to see immigrants as leeches and parasites when this is how their tax dollars are being spent.
Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mike Colle resigned after the Auditor-General concluded that the process for handing out grants to multicultural groups was not "open, transparent or accountable." There was often no paper trail, and many grants were handled in the minister's office based on little more than a verbal discussion with Mr. Colle or his staff, the report says.

The fact that the grants were handed out without a formal application process, criteria or advance notice to groups that money was available, raised questions about whether the Liberals were playing favourites with taxpayers' money.

report singles out a handful of questionable grants, including the $1-million awarded to the Ontario Cricket Association. The association asked for $150,000 on Feb. 27, 2006, but the very next day received $1-million. The ministry had no documentation to explain why the association received more funding than it asked for, the report says.

The association spent $250,000 on capital projects, including cheques totalling $28,000 made out to "cash." It has invested $500,000 in a five-year guaranteed investment certificate.

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