Thursday, July 26, 2007

Obesity Spreads Like a Virus

From the New York Times comes this article that discussed how being obese is dangerous - for your friends!! Can you imagine that? Hard to believe, but this study examined over 12,000 people who were followed in study spanning 32 years. It found that if a close friend became obese, you were likely to follow suit. Now I know why my Dad always told me to stay away from "bad company", and here I thought he was against 70's rock.[Clarification - I'm not implying obese people are "bad company", but rather that your friends' behaviour has an impact on your own behaviour as well]

Staying fit should be an integral part of any Sikh's lifestyle. In the Miri-Piri concept (Soldier-Saint), you can't really be ready to roll if you're packing it on too thick, now can you? This is precisely one of the reasons, to prevent a sedentary lifestyle from immobilizing you, that Sikhs practice Gatka and undertake Shastar Vidya (weapons-wise training).

It's a good idea to inculcate in your children the idea of being physically active so that later in life they have this discipline and behaviour modeled from early on. If your child has an interest in physical activity from childhood, odds are that your child will keep it up later in life.

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