Monday, May 07, 2007

The Truth of the Matter, racism...

I haven't read much on the Air India tragedy that makes much sense, but this editorial hits the nail on the head as far as people making outrageous claims is concerned.

Canada is one of the most ethno-cultural friendly countries around. For some opportunist politician to cast aspersions on the character of the country and promote what might be called race-hatred or feelings of oppression or victimization in one segment of society against another through the bogey of 'racism' is ridiculous. Worse is, through the spectre of people getting fed up with some politician or other always crying/ whining in the media about racism, that "Anglo Saxons" who heretofore have been generally quite good to minorities (at least in the past 20 years) become inured to real acts of racism. Minorities for their part don't need to always be cast in the mantle of victimhood, in this case as victims of racism. These types of spurious allegations only serve to heighten a sense of unfairness amongst people, who weren't victims in the first place, to start seeing racism in actions that have nothing to do with race.

The Canadian public at some point will get fed up with being unfairly characterized, especially when you cast the net as wide as Ujjal Dosangh did according to the quotes I've seen. I'd say it is racist to characterize "Anglo Saxons" in the way that Ujjal Dosangh did and that he should apologize for it and quite rightly be ashamed of himself. He should also apologize to actual victims of racism whose pain and suffering he marginalizes by unjustly claiming 'racism' in this case. Ujjal Dosangh claims to believe in social justice and claims to be some sort of 'good guy' Indo-Canadian, but his language and actions have betrayed him as far as I can tell from this editorial in the National Post....

Here's an excerpt,
Amidst the threads of speculation and suggestion there is one hypothesis that can be rejected immediately. Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh, understandably furious after the Bartleman disclosure, credited the failure to act on advance warnings about Flight 182 to institutional racism: “I generally believe,” he said, “[that] if you had 329 white Anglo-Saxons killed in an Air India disaster, you would have had an inquiry in no time and you would have been following the crime more seriously.”
Mr. Dosanjh knows full well that the perverse incentives created by our immigration and refugee policy, along with our police agencies’ instinctual multicultural deference, created the conditions that allowed an extremist Sikh terror network to flourish unchecked, almost uncontradicted, in B.C. No one wanted to speak up when Sikh separatists flooded the streets to wave swords and howl for blood; it is mighty hard to imagine that the shift from symbolic agitation to terrorist action would have been allowed to happen if it had been lily-white skinheaded thugs marching in the name of some far-off cause and testing bombs in the backwoods.

Read the whole thing here.

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