Friday, May 11, 2007

Review of Suppressed PBS Documentary on Islam vs. Islamists...

People familiar with Sikh history and anyone who has read my opinions on the subject would know that there's a sizable section of Muslims who, based on Islamic/ Koranic teachings and the words and actions of Muhammad himself, want to eliminate the rest of us through a jihad. A documentary commissioned by PBS exposed this truth but was not shown for reasons unexplained.

Roger L. Simon has an answer as to why he thinks PBS didn't show the documentary at Pajamas Media.
PBS is operating here in the manner of similar institutions in the former Soviet Union and in modern day Iran – financing artists and then withholding distribution of their work when it is not deemed ideologically “correct”. It’s a form of thought-control and it’s unconscionable.

Political correctness is dangerous. There's a difference between being civil to each other, which is a good thing, and being so afraid of offending someone by telling the truth, that it causes actual harm much greater (in fact lethal harm) than an purported offence.

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Anonymous said...

The message from the Terrorist like Mahmoud Ahamdinejad and Osama bin Laden is very clear.
They are telling us that we either Convert to Islam or Die.
Is this the America I knew? Do we sit back on our fat ass’s while watching American idol and stuff another McDonald’s Big Mac down our mouths and let these threats go unanswered? Or are we going to get back into the cockpits of our High Tech Super Air Craft and answer them? Inquiring minds want to know!

Kaptaan said...

The USA has been a bit circumspect in using its forces to totally annihilate the opposition. The French have not been so tepid when it comes to defending their own interests - see the Rainbow Warrior. With Sarkozy in power in France, let's so how far and fast the French move against Islamofascism...