Friday, May 11, 2007

This is the Kind of Darkness Sikhism Has Sought to Remove...

Shambo has been put out of its misery. Original article below.
From the Telegraph in the U.K., it seems that at a Hindu temple in Wales a 'sacred' bull has caused a spot of trouble.
Hindus across Britain are threatening to form a human chain to prevent the slaughter of a sacred bull after it tested positive for tuberculosis.

Shambo the bull: Thou shalt not kill our sacred bull, say Hindus

Shambo looks unconcerned about the controversy

Shambo, a six-year-old Friesian, will be killed later this month unless he is granted a reprieve.

Senior monks at the Skanda Vale Temple, near Carmarthen, west Wales, where Shambo lives, said the killing of cows and bulls was against their religious principles.

Shambo, part of a herd of 35 cows and bullocks, is one of the names of Lord Shiva, one of the three primary Hindu deities. The bull has been placed in a shrine within the main temple.

Last night, he appeared to be enjoying the media attention as he was given treats including his favourite brand of nuts. He is also being adorned with flower garlands each day.

"He would normally be grazing with the rest of the herd," said Swami Suryananda, a senior monk. "But he does not appear lonely. He is adapting to his new lifestyle as an international superstar. We have had media calls from as far away as Canada."

Pray tell that those folks from Canada aren't looking to do the same here... :-)

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