Friday, May 25, 2007

Muslims In NYC Attack & Sever Sikh Student's Hair

This is one reason for all Sikhs to learn the art of self-defense and Gatka. If you can't defend yourself and your principles, then how can you defend anyone else (without prejudice to the young man involved in this incident)? There's a reason for Miri-Piri concept. It can't be all meditation and naam simran at home or the Gurdwara. While being meditative, you need to practice a martial art, lift weights and eat your vitamins, because it all goes hand in hand.

You need to know the martial and the spiritual, lacking in one, means you aren't fulfilling your obligations as a Sikh in the other. With martial, you need spiritual to guide you in the correct use of force. With spiritual, you need the martial to ensure you can put Guru's teaching into practice, not just pay lip service.

From the NY Post....
May 25, 2007 -- Two Pakistani students at a Queens high school were arrested after cutting the hair of a Sikh student during a fight in a bathroom, police said.

Another student who provided the scissors but didn't take part in the attack at Newton HS was also arrested, police said.

Nobody was hurt in the 12:20 p.m. incident, which took place in a basement bathroom near the lunchroom.

The 15-year-old victim, who was not identified, and the Pakistani teens began insulting each other's mothers and the anger escalated, a police source said.

The Pakistanis allegedly grabbed the victim, removed his headdress and cut his hair.

Sikhs are required by their religion to wear long hair, and police are investigating whether this was a bias crime.

Umair Ahmed, 17, and the other Pakistani, a 15-year-old boy who was charged as a juvenile, face charges of unlawful imprisonment, coercion, menacing and aggravated harassment.

Cops said charges against the 16-year-old who provided the scissors are pending.

A Department of Education spokeswoman called the incident "horrifying" and said the school will offer counseling to the victim.

Student Rani Sukhritkaur, 18, who knows Ahmed, said it was "surprising to me that he'd be involved in something like this."

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