Monday, August 13, 2007

The UK has Got IT Bad

What is it with the UK? Kathy Shaidle points to a news item about Muslim men targeting white girls for sex........

who are as young as 12!

Why can't people honestly address the situation and condemn the perpetrators directly? Aren't muslims themselves talking about these kinds of people? It's the reputation of all Muslims that gets impacted, whether they are Sunni [Barelvi, Deobandi, Salafi, Wahabbi], Shia [seven, twelver, Ismaili], or Quadiani. I'd be interested to know if the UK even keeps crime stats breaking it down by community to that degree?

Having spoken to people in the UK, it seems they all know good, decent Muslim people who are their friends, and I've met some Muslims as well who seem decent enough. But do those people with close friendships with Muslims ever bother to even ask them what 'kind' of Muslim they are, and their thoughts on those Muslims bent on subjugating the world?

I can well imagine some Muslims say it is a part of their religion to harass these girls, such as those Muslims who believe in Jihad, Kafirs as sub-human, and oppression of non-Muslims. Them engaging in what is ACTUAL anti-social, sub-human behaviour is not a surprise.

But what about the rest of the Muslims out there? Why doesn't anyone ever hear of them condemning the perverts in their midst? Are they afraid of them or just too ignorant or oblivious to care? Do they in fact sympathize with those people? Or is it that the newspapers don't put those protests into print?


Blazing Cat Fur said...

That is a shocking story Kaptaan.

Kaptaan said...

Yes, but what's more shocking is reading about Muslims denying the issue even exists...