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Peer Syed Sahib and Ajmeri Baba - Scammers Based in England

Steve Janke writes about the scam being run by some muslims, targeting Sikh and Hindu people, who call themselves Peer Syed Sahib and Ajmeri Baba. Whatever you do, let the newspaper and television managers know that you won't support their newspaper or television station if they continue to allow scammers to advertise there.
I've written a piece about the strange advertising of mystic Peer Syed Sahib I spotted in a Toronto-area Indian-language newspaper. The ad, or what little I could understand, seemed to promise miraculous results after a mere phone call, and a wad of cash.

Plenty of people have complained about Peer Syed Sahib's tactics -- constant phone calls asking for more money (large sums) and for family information. Moreover, I'm not sure that this sort of advertising is allowed in Canada.

But in poking around, I've noticed that at least two of the largest mystics seem to share a lot in common. Too much in common, I think. And suddenly the darker rumours that surround what these people do seem more credible.....

The Syeds relocated from Scarborouh to Cheshire, England. The Syed operation has an address at Court Hill House, while Ajmeri Baba lists a post office box in Cheshire.

Still, lots of coincidences here. Same home town, immigrated at the same time, working out of the same city in England...

But the clincher was finding these "corporate" blogs. Created by "Ahmed", there are three blogs for Peer Syed Sahib and three for Ajmeri Baba:

* Peer Syed Sahib
* Peer Syed Sahib Miracles
* Peer Syed Sahib Greatness
* Ajmeri Baba
* Ajmeri Baba Miracles
* Ajmeri Baba Greatness

In each of the three Peer Syed Sahib blogs, the exact same stories are published. A different set of stories is published in each of the three Ajmeri Baba blogs. "Ahmed" himself doesn't provide any content to the blogs. The entries consist entirely of testimonials, repeated in triplicate.

Certainly looks like blogs being used as a means of corporate communication. Certainly "Ahmed" had to be provided the testimonial information. And even more telling is that all six blogs were created on Monday, July 9 -- only one week ago. Three days later, all six blogs were populated with same repeated stories, for a total of ten posts each.

Is it a stretch to think that the same corporate entity is running both operations? Right down to the blog advertising being launched on the same day by the same blogger working from the same desk to exactly the same schedule.

I bring this up because in my reading about Peer Syed Sahib, I noticed that where Peer Syed Sahib advertises, Ajmeri Baba advertises as well:

Peer syed sab, ajmeri baba ads are every where in literally all Indian publications of Canada, USA and the UK.

Z tv is no one channel that is broadcasting non stop these guys ads and innocent people 99.9% are Indian origin are being milked in large numbers.

From a consumer protection point of view, showing two ads for two different suppliers of the same service without mentioning that they are in fact the same commercial operation is certainly misleading.

But there is a darker undercurrent that keeps coming up when I read about these guys, and that seem all the more credible now that I strongly suspect that they are all the same single unified operation, and that is possible links to terrorists:

Beware of people. If you live in Australia, UK, Canada or USA or other places where Indian channels are available thru satellite televison, there are two three thugs with international terrorist ties who are fooling Indian people.

Two of them peer syed sahib and ajmeri baba are extremely dangerous •••••••• who are milking money from innocent housewives. They advertise heavily spending millions of dollars on Z tv, Sony tv and Tv asia etc. They never do surprisingly on Pak Tv or prime tv as it is known.

They claim to resolve all problems and ask for 250$ then 400$ then thousands more of dollars without doing anything. There is no way to get hold of them. They ask people specially women who r vulnerable to send them cash. Me and about dozen people did thorough investigation and we have found that they have links to muslim terrorist organizations and with this money coming from Hindu and Sikh families, who are innocently drawn to it, they are financing muslim terrorists in many countries.

This money ends up in hands of terrorists. Please do inform every single family you know not to ever call these crooks and call your television channel not to carry these ads. These people are extremely dangerous.

And this one:

people do not for gods sake call the swindlers peer syed sahib and ajmeri baba. It is a mafia related to terrorist groups and all your money goes to islamic fundalmentalists who are actually hurting the whole world.

it would make sense for the ISI, Pakistan's Secret Service and known to be a source of funding for Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in India and in Afghanistan, to run scams aimed at the Indian Sikh and Hindu expat communities in affluent Western countries, instead of focusing solely on tapping into the more carefully monitored Islamic expat communities. Present different faces to lull the targets into thinking that he or she is doing some comparison shopping for the right mystic to call, then no matter which mystic gets the call, the same people begin to aggressively milk the victim of large amounts of money, sending it all back to Pakistan and to bank accounts run by the ISI.

Funding terrorism through a mystic scam in England running ads in Canada and elsewhere? Don't laugh. Al-qaeda funding came primarily through fake Islamic charities running in Western countries before those charities were shutdown after 9/11. Hezbollah and Hamas still use bogus charities to raise funds under false pretenses.

Plus the complaints that Peer Syed Sahib's people constantly demand information about the families of the clients while demanding more money seems scarier too. Over-the-top telemarketing, or intelligence gathering?

Like I said, just a wild theory based on several anonymous message board posts, but for the fact that it certainly looks like one person or one group is behind at least two of the most aggressive mystics in this industry.

And if this theory is credible, and Peer Syed Sahib and Ajmeri Baba are different fronts for the same money-making scheme for terrorists, what does that say about the advertisement I found blowing around my yard that got me started on this in the first place? A Canadian conduit of funds that is ultimately helping the Taliban fight Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan?

Suddenly a silly ad seems a lot more sinister.

Update: One message I've found states that Ajmeri Baba married into Peer Syed Sahib's family. It is a family operation, though not revealed to be such:

Hi Yes these guys are frauds. They live in UK and I have there real names, addresses and home phone numbers. Pundits real name is Naseem and he is 41 years old. Peer Syed's real name is Naeem and he is 34 years old. Ajmeri Baba is someone that married into their family and moved to UK approx 13 years ago - his name is Imtiaz.They now have nephews, eg Imran that has the name Peer Kazim and he is only 24 years old but speaks with a deep voice.

Opinion seems split on whether the Sahib-Baba operation is purely for their own self-enrichment, or whether a large portion of the money is funnelled to the ISI.

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Anonymous said...

i can provide all the details o f these horrible people....... contact on

Anonymous said...

all there properties in pakistan . dubai. england . i m one the victim of these F . people

Anonymous said...

i hv hacked into one of their family memeber s emails ID i have all family pictures all address all phone numbers personal and every detail u are interest in

Anonymous said...

i know these people are frauds but ur wrong in saying they re conning indians or funding terorists they con anyone regardless of their nationality or religion to fund there lavish lifestyles i should no im pakistani and was coned out of thousnds, i no many others who fell victim to their scam, also they did advertise on ptv and other pakistani channels they no longer do so and in pakistani newspapers[i got the number from their]something needs to be done to prevent further inocent people been conned out of hard earned cash or getting into huge debt like myself.

Anonymous said...

One should understand that they are fake when they ask to send money by Money-gram to one single person name to London, UK. No street address. They keep asking to send $300 first and will tell you later. Money-gram should stop taking money for them to avoid terrorist activities and money-laundering.

Anonymous said...

Only 1 GOD can solve it, always remeber It could be ALLAH, BOGOBAN,OR JESUS or ETC. IF he couLd solve our problem then why he dont solve his problem 1st? make himself rich !!! ITS ALL BULLSHITT my friends PLEASE DO NOT BELIVE THIS..DONOT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I know you last posted in 2011 about these guys and mentioned about photos etc, can you kindly help me with them because they have scrude with me termendouly. I was dealing with so called ajmeri baba who first ripped me off with a lot of money than he was asking $50 k at the end to take off what he had put on me. Your help will be greatly appreciated

eajaz said...

aap syed grane se then aur bahut sare logo ko aap ne murid kiya iss liye peer syed sahib and ajmeri baba ke naam se jane jaten hai.

Unknown said...

Please let us know including pictures so we can expose even today