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Sikh FaceBook Site Draws Unflattering Attention

I saw this posted at Kathy Shaidle's blog
Ain't multiculturalism grand?

Well, Sikhs DO carry knives...

"if i get a chance.. i will have this white trash choke on his own blood some day..."

The stuff you find while browsing FaceBook, huh?
# posted by Kathy : 2007-08-09 10:47:48

and followed the link to Blazing Cat Fur who makes some ridiculous comment about "Mai" from Road to Khalistan blog...
Mai Mai Mai - you weren't wrong about that "foaming at the mouth" stuff at all;) Perhaps you should have left this at home when you emigrated.

I find it kind of funny how when "mainstream" Canadians are demonstrating or protesting or otherwise engaged in LEGAL political advocacy for some issue or the other, people like Blazing Cat Fur, don't tell them to have left "this" wherever they came from.

Why is it that when Sikhs (or Tamils, or [insert visible ethnic or religious minority here]) are demonstrating or protesting or otherwise engaged in civil action, they are expected to set aside their constitutionally guaranteed rights, and leave "this" at some "home" that apparently isn't in Canada? I don't know about you, but having been born in this country along with the majority of Sikhs that I know, Canada is my "home". In fact, Canada is my homeland, thank you very much.

I wrote this in response to Blazing's post in the comments section. Check it out.

Kaptaan said...

1. I am against this pseudo multi culti ism as well. People should come straight out and call it what it is - a project to eliminate the predominance of the Anglo-Saxon culture and values under the guise of the promotion of minority culture and relativism.

2. As for a few Sikhs who get overly aggressive when writing from behind the computer screen - that's hardly only the exclusive domain of Sikhs and its quite disingenuous to claim that it is. I'm sure you'll find a multitude of global warming advocates and enviro lefties doing the same in support of their pet causes.

3. The WSO launching a lawsuit, to defend itself against the allegations made in the CBC documentary, is as Canadian as Canadian gets, unless Sikhs and Sikh organizations are no longer allowed to exercise their legal rights in Canada (or are somehow engaging in a sinister activity if they do).

4. If a Jesus Christ figurine can be put into a liquid combo of blood and urine and labeled "piss Christ", you'd think that making a picture of Terry Milewski out as a Vampire or blood sucker, would be covered by the same extension of the term "Art", unless you hold Terry up as some unassailable messiah or prophet perhaps?

5. If non-Sikh Canadians have the right to free expression and can agitate against Communism, Nazism, the USA, etc... and Canadians are demonstrating against China for a free Tibet, then WHY shouldn't CANADIAN Sikhs and supporters of HUMAN RIGHTS be free to express a desire to see the creation of Khalistan or any other state?

6. SIKHS are CANADIAN and are here to stay - like it or lump it. It's time you figured this out instead of yammering on about how they should leave this that or the other at "home". Home is Canada (for CANADIAN Sikhs), not anywhere else. Canada IS our homeland, it's one country where we are free to worship as we choose, say what we think, and live free (except the confiscatory taxes and general erosion of individual rights of course) without the threat of state-sanctioned and delivered death, torture or harassment.
10:14 AM

Fur Cat came back with this comment
Blazing Cat Fur said...

You are a mass of contradictions Kaptaan.

1) On Multicult we agree

2) On aggressive Sikhs hiding behind computer screens - I do not see how I can be disingenuous when I made no such claim that this practice was exclusive to Sikhs.

3) On the WSO lawsuit - I agree it has become Canadian to sue because someone "Hurt your feelings". We are burdened by PC Nonsense & Multicult.

4) Piss Christ as Art? What nonsense. You are really stretching here. Piss Christ is simply part of the same attack on Western values and civilization that MultiCult and it's sister plague Moral Relativism represent. Terry is no prophet, the pictures merely evidence Sikh extremism.

5) WHY shouldn't CANADIAN Sikhs and supporters of HUMAN RIGHTS be free to express a desire to see the creation of Khalistan or any other state? I agree until you start blowing up airliners that is.

6) Home for Sikhs would appear to be the future Khalistan you advocate. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining Kaptaan- Canada is merely an address of convenience.
10:36 AM

to which I replied,

Cat Fur,

To be human is to be a mass of contradictions.

1) At least we have some common ground.

2) My point is that Sikhs aren't the only ones who post things that they aren't likely to do in actual reality. It's common parlance to vent in aggressive language when perturbed and it only gets amplified when you read it on a computer screen and aren't there to actually hear/ see the person who wrote it. My take was that you implied that Sikhs are engaging in extremist vitriol vis-a-vis your commentary. You state that somehow the group is engaged in some "media savvy" dissembling by wanting the Terry pics removed and not having members make any "death threats". Is it so hard to believe that a majority of Sikhs don't support "death threats" and violent reactions?

3) The WSO suit is about protecting the WSO's reputation which they feel has been harmed by the CBC documentary. I'm sure if someone slandered or libeled the CBC, that they would defend their brand and reputation against such assaults. So it's not about "hurt feelings".

4) re-read my comment, if society is willing to allow "piss christ" as art, then why isn't the pic of Terry afforded the same license? I personally don't believe there is any redeeming value in "piss christ", but apparently the NYT covered it as "art".

5) Sikhs haven't "blown up airliners" as you suggest. Sikhs have condemned anyone who engages in this kind of activity many,many times and have been consistent in this. There is NO religious justification or Sikh school of thought that supports any other conclusion. Perhaps you should read the book "Soft Target" by a couple of Globe and Mail journalists for something other than the usual pablum.

6) HOME for CANADIAN Sikhs IS and ALWAYS will BE CANADA. Just as Irish-Canadians aspired to have an Irish homeland, so too can Sikhs aspire to have a Sikh homeland. Whether Irish-Canadians call Ireland home, is a different story, but I'm sure they are content just the same knowing that it's there. No one questions the loyalty of Irish-Canadians (despite hearing that they hold a parade or two in Canada celebrating their Irishness), and no one should question the loyalty of Sikh-Canadians either.
11:31 AM

I saw that American Princess got into the Sikh "bashing" (it may not be "bashing" per se, but it sounds more - what's the word - lively :-))...
While They Were Busy Outing a Giuliani

Apparently, the media overlooked a more interesting posting on Facebook--the group full of death threats against a Canadian reporter who questioned the ability of Sikh residents to assimilate into Canadian culture.

Ah the joys of Multiculturalism can't you just feel the Love? Seems members of this Facebook Sikh Community (note you will need a Facebook login), are incensed at the CBC & Terry Milewski for a piece he did on Sikh Extremism.

The examples are defended as "Art" as defined by forum creator Nav Dhanda. Sikh members of this community have asked that the pictures be removed because they don't want to be portrayed as well..."extremists".

Can you feel the love?

and was forced to post a response.

Blazing Cat Fur acknowledged the following in the post that you based your comments on.

1. with regards to the vampire pictures that were posted, BCF said, "I was careful to be fair and point out that Sikh members have themselves complained about the pictures"

2. regarding the "death threats" being toned down due to the site moderator/ admin being "media savvy" - she pointed out that was in relation to the site on Tarek Fatah, not the Sikh Site, in response to one of my comments to her (I believe BCF is a "her"). BCF wrote, "My "media savvy" comment is directed at the Tarek Fateh site, not the Sikh site," "I also agree that over the top invective is found across the spectrum and in fact I employ it myself."

So before you condemn Sikhs as having a Facebook group, "full of death threats against a Canadian reporter", get your FACTS straight.
Posted by: Kaptaan at August 9, 2007 02:10 PM

Kate at SDA got in on the action as well, I guess her and Kathy and Cat Fur have a triple tag team going on... I wonder if its a chain or cage match, maybe it's both at the same time? haha...

Anyways, I digress, here's what Kate wrote,
Feel The Diversity

When the concept of "multiculturalism" was introduced to Canadians, most assumed it meant "more pavilions at Folkfest".

(Punjabi Stephane - call your office.)

and here's a comment that Cat Fur made and my response in the, you guessed it, comment section,
Andrew- careful with Kaptaan - he will not acknowledge that Sikhs were responsible for the Air India terrorisst attack and seems to wish to promote "alternate" theories i.e. Indian Security Service involvement.
Posted by: Blazingcatfur at August 9, 2007 8:47 PM ...

Ah yes, Blazing Cat Fur says, "careful with Kaptaan".

Think of a 70's tv series trailer and some guy saying the following, while dark figures roam the screen, "Watch out for the Kaptaan, he won't acknowledge Sikh involvement in the Air India crash :-)". "What else won't Kaptaan acknowledge next?" "Stay tuned, we'll soon find out!" da,da,da,da... as the screen fades to black and cuts to commercial.

Well, I'll give you this much BCF, I'm not ruling out the involvement of individual Sikhs. In fact, I asked you to look into the book, "Soft Target : The real story behind the Air India disaster", by Zuhair Kashmeri and Brian McAndrew, former Globe and Mail journalists, for something other than "the usual pablum" as it were.

In case you were wondering, its not so bad to have an "alternate" explanation for current events. Take global warming and climate change, for example, the media and the common man's consensus is that, "the humans did it!" or "Bush is behind it!", while an "alternate" explanation is that, "it's the sun (or a result of some other 'natural' phenomenon)"...

and BTW you didn't really answer the point I made about the double standard when it comes to ethnic/ religious minorities exercising their rights under the Charter versus "mainstream" Canadians and how folks such as yourself end up telling the ethnic/ religious minority to "leave 'this' back 'home' before you emigrate" to Canada.

Anyone who doesn't know what I'm writing about can reference Blazing Cat Fur's blog for more...
Posted by: Kaptaan at August 9, 2007 11:35 PM

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

And your point is:)

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Kaptaan please do not play the race card here, your statement regarding "Mainstream Canadians" should be beneath you.

My post is about the faults of Multiculturalism and how political correctness etc have sheltered, even encouraged Terrorist supporters.

From the Fraser Institute study on the Resurgence of Sikh Extremism I link to in my post:

"Bolan, who has received several death threats resulting from her writings on Air India and Sikh extremism, said Sikh terrorism has its roots in the Khalistan movement, the quest for a separate, independent Sikh state. She said the movement was hijacked in the 1980s by individuals who used intimidation and fear to dominate the Sikh immigrant community in Canada. The result was a terrorist movement that was primarily based in Canada.

“The extremists were not challenged by Canada’s mainstream institutions,” she said.

“Many of the stories coming out of the community about beatings and intimidation were treated as little community stories involving a minority in Canada.”

Here is the Fraser Link:

Kaptaan said...


my point is this, please explain why protest or other legal civil demonstration by [ethnic/visible minority] an invitation to "mainstream" folks to say, "leave this at your "home" before you emigrate". This IS my home. I AM Canadian, and I feel a certain way, about certain issues and may want to express that feeling in a legal manner. What's so controversial about that?

I'm not bringing out the "race" card, as I don't know your race. You may for all I know be a descendant of an immigrant family from the Punjab. My point is that while you're saying your post is about the failings of multiculturalism it smacks of a double standard.

I'm not saying you are a bigot or racist, but that it doesn't seem entirely congruous to on the one hand claim that Sikhs who demonstrate or support an independent Khalistan are engaging in "foreign" politics, and on the other to support freedom of expression, speech, religion, etc...

Blazing Cat Fur said...

My response is comtained in my 2nd response.

"My post is about the faults of Multiculturalism and how political correctness etc have sheltered, even encouraged Terrorist supporters."

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Kaptaan- I put a link to your post in my original. Have a good one.

Kaptaan said...

Thanks BCF :-)

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demonstrating or protesting or otherwise engaged in LEGAL political advocacy for some issue or the other,sbo
people like Blazing Cat Fur, don't tell them to have left "this" wherever they came from.

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please do not play the race card here, your statement regarding "Mainstream