Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Perhaps this is the way to combat Terrorists?

From the BBC ( -
"Bangkok shrine attacker is killed

A Muslim man has been beaten to death in Thailand after attacking a Hindu shrine in the capital, Bangkok.

The man - who was reported to suffer from mental health problems - was set upon after smashing a statue of the Hindu deity Brahma.

Two men, reportedly cleaners at the shrine, have been charged with murder. "

Anybody who is willing to attack and destroy someone else's religious "shrine" is probably suffering "mental illness". The mental illness is called "Islamism". It's been infecting people for hundreds of years. Just like all of those Jihadis running around Asia and the Middle East, this nutcase actually cracked. The only question now is when all the armchair Jihadis sitting in the West, mulling over their plans, will activate their 'insanity" gene. The only people who can "turn" these clowns out are sane Muslims, who understand that not only do the Jihadis want to Dhimmify us, but they want to enforce their version of Islam on all Muslims. Not a pleasant thought if you are a thinking Muslim in the world today.

It's kind of funny (in a depressing sort of way) how in a country like Thailand where people are so friendly and pleasant that they would see the need to put the boots to this type of filth. Whereas, in France, you have people running around literally killing French Jews and vandalizing the graves, etc... of Christians, while the French are trying to figure out how to better understand the "reasons" for this behaviour. Better to put the boots to these criminals/ terrorists first and ask questions later. Otherwise, you'll end up like Theo Van Gogh in the Netherlands - in a body bag with your head nearly severed off and a note pinned to your chest with the Jihadi's knife of choice.

These people have no qualms in killing you, and your families, why should you have qualms about eliminating them before they get the chance? Don't believe me, that these people are completely depraved?

Check this out from the BBC ( -
"Another suspect Waheed Mahmood worked for Morrisons Utility Services, a Transco contractor.

National Grid Transco runs the high voltage electricity network in England and Wales and Britain's high-pressure gas infrastructure.

Mr Mahmood was allegedly recorded saying the Madrid bombings were "absolutely beautiful", while brother Shujah said it would have been "fantissimo" if they had been staged during the holidays to target families.

Waheed Mahmood raised on one tape the issue of bombing the Bluewater shopping centre on a Saturday."

This from "regular" blokes in the English suburbs. Right. These people take advantage of the openess of Western society, and decide to payback by fighting for a universal Caliphate to homogenize Muslims and subjugate and Dhimmify the rest of us.

Time that they were given the boots they deserve.

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