Monday, March 20, 2006

France A Welfare Basket Case

In case you missed it, students, union members and ever left wing basket case (70% of France) is out on the streets protesting or rioting. Why? Because the government wants to make a small change to the "Iron Escargot Bowl" that is the French system of employment. Seems that it's too much to ask that anyone under 26 yrs of age in their first two years of employment can be let go by an employer.

The government over there tries to introduce a bit of flexibility into the employment system and the population goes berserk. These are the same people who a couple of summers ago saw thousands of seniors die because of a heat wave. They wouldn't have died had anyone cared enough about them to keep in touch. NO protests then. But try and reform the welfare state and it's enough to make the French riot!

What a basket case of a system. Here in Canada you can be let go, albeit your employer has to give you severance of some sort depending on your tenure and the circumstances under which you were let go. In France, your employer is basically stuck with you for life. To top it off, the employer has to give you all sorts of freebies and holidays. The regular employee over there has it better than any public sector unionist or auto worker here in Canada. Most Canadians would think that those people have it pretty kushie here, but they've got nothing on the average French worker.

It's no wonder France is going to hell in a hand basket. Race riots, employment riots, religious riots, agriculture riots, etc... you've got every kind of riot except riots related to freeing the population from oppressive taxation and the welfare state. Unless they hold the line and at least pass this small reform, they don't stand a chance.

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