Monday, March 13, 2006

Harper in Afghanistan

It's great to see the Prime Minister making a trip to Afghanistan to see the Canadian troops. It's not just any trip. It's his first trip outside Canada as P.M. What a great message to send to the troops, Canadians, our allies and to the enemies of Canada.

This P.M. is serious about our role in the world. Canada used to have the 4th largest military in the world and was willing to use it. Over the years the expansion of the welfare state and a false sense of security dulled the minds of Liberals and their ilk into thinking our military as a fighting force was passe. No more. Stephen Harper has let the world know that Canada is again serious.

I have no doubt that the left wing MSM in Canada won't give this event the significance in coverage that it deserves. It is a strategic shift from the decline that has been allowed to enter into our forces since the Trudeau years.

Now, all we need is some funding to get the troops the necessary military equipment and firepower to do some serious damage to the Taliban and their friends in Kandahar and other Pathan dominated regions of Afghanistan.

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