Monday, September 01, 2008

Shooting in Sacramento at Bradshaw Road Gurdwara Annual Sports Event

I happened to be at the Gurdwara when all of this happened. The shooting didn't take place anywhere near the Sangat or the Gurdwara. No one was shooting at the Sangat or near the Sangat. There's a field about 70 metres away from the Gurdwara on the other side of a large parking lot area. That's where the shooting took place. Anyone suggesting otherwise doesn't know what they are talking about and is exaggerating the attack.

The annual sports tournie was taking place at the time over in the field. Talking to people after the fact and before the police really arrived in numbers, the one guy they caught got a well-deserved beating. The other guy managed to split and avoid the Singhs who would have given him a taste of their sticks and bats as well... The two shooters knew who they wanted to get and went after them.

This was the result of some conflict that happened somewhere else and they only came here looking for these guys to shoot because they knew they would be here at the event today.

There were a lot of people eating langar at the time all this happened and I was one of them. I didn't see the actual events take place, but talked to a number of people afterwards who were right there at the scene.

You can see a picture of the Escalade below in which the person who died was slumped in the back seat. A couple of Singhs tried to help the guy who got shot by trying to take him to hospital, but he was already gone before they could even get off the property. The police didn't let anyone enter or leave the premises for some time until after they had started taking people's details and information.

The person who died was in the escalade in the picture below.

The police wouldn't let anyone into the Gurdwara property.
or off the Gurdwara property.

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