Friday, June 20, 2008

The Green Shift - Something I Can Support

I was surprised and shocked by the plan proposed by the Liberals. It is bold and I believe does what I believe needs to happen, reduce income taxes while passing on the costs of pollution to those who would use those fuels that add to pollution in Canada. What a nice surprise.

I personally hated the Liberal Party after all the corruption and self-serving personal enrichment brought out in Ad Scam and the HRDC boondoggle, etc... and wanted to support the Conservatives in the next election. However, after seeing the performance of the Conservatives, in what I believe is a blatant attempt at creating ethnic and religious division in Canada through their policy of warming up to specific ethnic and religious communities, I was loathe to support the Conservatives and was wondering what I would do in the next election.

Now I have a viable alternative. I had questioned Stephane Dion, but this plan alleviates my fear that the Liberals would further tax the middle class. This seems on the surface at least to accomplish two goals in one plan - reduce taxes and reduce pollution through behavioural incentives. Great.

Now if only Stephane Dion would commit to effect a plan to counter countries that support Islamic Terrorism with not words but action, including but not limited to Military.
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