Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We Need More Documentation of ALL Shaheeds in the Post-1947 Struggle

This is a very good start. Sikhs themselves have to take up the gauntlet in recording our own history and writing from our perspective our own history. Too often in Sikh history we've left things to happen as they may, and provocateurs have used the opportunity to do great harm to the Panth.
Dal Khalsa publishes book on Op Blue Star
Sunday, 17 June 2007

FATEHGARH SAHIB: In an attempt to record and compile the heroics of those Sikhs who fought a pitched battle at Amritsar in June 1984 against the Indian army, the Dal Khalsa has published a book titled "Indo-Punjab battle June 1984" scheduled to be released on June 18 at Jalandhar.

Dal Khalsa general secretary Kanwar Pal Singh said this document was also an attempt to snub a section of Sikhs who in connivance with the Indian Union are attempting to erase this period from public memory.

He said the book - in both Punjabi and English contains names of 206 Sikhs who preferred to die, than surrender.

He said Jathedar, Takht Damdama Sahib Gaini Balwant Singh Nandgarh, Damdami Taksal chief Harnam Singh Khalsa, SAD (A) leader Daljit Singh Bittu, SGPC member Karnail Singh Panjoli, Bhai Mohkam Singh beside Dal Khalsa leaders would release the book.

He said this book was about those who had given up their lives fighting the Indian army, when the latter desecrated the Darbar Sahib.

According to Dal Khalsa general secretary , they are martyrs of faith and the blood of the martyrs is the seat of the church. He said the Sikh history is replete with numerous cases of martyrdom, be it the Ghallugharas of 18th century or those of the 20th century. He said we had made an endeavor to record that portion of history.

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