Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fallen Soldiers

Canadian soldiers who were killed overseas and whose bodies are now coming back to Canada deserve the respect of Canadians and our gratitude. The media, however, have turned being respectful into a sideshow about the media's right to broadcast the return on live t.v. for their own media purposes.

The media has never been barred by the government from attending funerals or burials based on the wishes of the soldiers' families. In this case the government has banned the media from only broadcasting or attending when the soliders' remains arrive in Canada. There's nothing wrong with that. No one in government is saying that the media shouldn't report their return. But the fact is that in a war, and in this case a mission to create a stable "post-war" Afghanistan, there are going to be casualties and there has to be some protocol established. The former government didn't follow any set protocol and acted differently on different occasions. This government has said that it wants to follow a protocol that bars the media from the return ceremony. This is something that most soldiers in fact agree with based on, you guessed it, media reports.

My own take is that the media wants to blow this whole scenario out of proportion. Why make it a big issue and try and turn it into a controversy? To discredit the government? Maybe it's a slow news week? I think it's because the media is generally unsupportive of the Canadian effort in Afghanistan and is displaying is antipathy for the current government. I'm not suggesting the media not report the facts. They should do that, however, there is a diffence between reporting the facts and creating an issue where one doesnt' exist. Or what's worse is framing the issue in terms that reflect their own biases and not the reality of, in this case, the soldiers who are actually serving overseas.

Whatever the issue of the day, whether it is gang violence, gun crime, abortion, etc... the MSM seems to want to steer debate towards its own desired outcome. That's a sad scenario when really we should be expressing empathy with the families of the slain soldiers and expressing our best wishes and thanks to their families for the sacrifice they've made on our behalf.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The MSM works like this: All language and the explanation of events are to be manipulated to prevent dissenting thoughts to be expressed (Orwell's 1984 Newspeak) - an activity that is undermining sensibility, morality, and our ability to intelligently commuicate specifics. The New Marxists of the left desire to drive us into chaos, misery, poverty, and madness. . . but as long as nobody is offended, than they suppose that that is okay. Besides, the left has determined that Islamic terrorists aren't out for world domination. Just an attack here and there. Nothing big. Just ask Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnel! Between leftist Marxism, Oprah, and politically correct passive aggression, I'm starting to wonder when the left will start executing conservatives by beheading them.

Kaptaan said...

The left will remain blissfully and deliberately ignorant or unbelieving, until they are the targets of hate through racism, homophobia, etc...